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This is the perfect page for that someone who found a little extra time in the day for themselves or that person who doesn’t schedule an appointment ahead of time as things in their life are always changing.  Call us at 815-748-5887 and mention the appointment listed here to get 10% off your service.  Check back often as we attempt to update regularly throughout the day.  These time slots are open but the service listed may not be the only service available within that slot.  All available services can be viewed and booked through the online booking portal.


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Hair Sculpting        
Monday 2/18 Skye 10:00 AM Women’s/ Men’s Hair  Sculpting
Monday 2/18 Jordan 12:00 PM  Women’s Hair Sculpting
Monday 2/18 Jillian 4:00 PM Women’s Hair Sculpting
Tuesday 2/19 Stephanie 11:00 AM  Women’s/ Men’s Hair Sculpting
Tuesday 2/19 Jillian 1:00 PM  Women’s Hair Sculpting
Hair Color        
Monday 2/18 Jordan  2:00  PM All Over Color
Monday 2/18 Jordan 6:00 PM New Growth
Tuesday 2/19 Jillian 1:30 PM All Over Color
Monday 2/18 Jordan 4:00 PM Express/ No Chip Manicure
Monday 2/18 Jillian 5:00 PM Express/ No Chip Manicure
Tuesday 2/19 Jillian 12:00 PM Express Pedicure
Tuesday 2/19     Express Pedicure
Monday 2/18 NONE    
Tuesday 2/19 NONE    
Body Treatments        
Monday 2/18 Skye  11:00 AM  60 Minute
Tuesday 2/19 NONE    
Monday 2/18 Jillian  6:00 PM  60 Minute
Tuesday 2/19 NONE    
Hair Removal        
Monday 2/18 Jordan 11:30 AM Eyebrow Wax
Tuesday 2/19 Jillian 2:30 PM Eyebrow Wax
Eyelash Extensions        
Monday 2/18 NONE    
Tuesday 2/19 Stephanie  12:35 PM  Eyelash Fill

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