green circleHello, I wanted to tell you all something about Mira Salon and Spa that you might not have known.  We are a certified Sustainable Salon which means 85-95% of our salon waste is recycled and/or re-purposed.  Keeping a significant amount of waste out of our local landfills and waterways. 

Some specific things that you may not have known can be recycled:

  • Hair color
  • Highlight Foils
  • Hair color Tubes
  • Sugar/Wax Service Waste (ie. Sugar, wax, gloves, sticks, cotton, all mixed materials)
  • Hair
  • Nail polish remover on cotton

All these things and more would otherwise go into the landfill if not for us being a Certified Sustainable Salon.  This is one of the many ways that we are helping the community and environment around us.  We also hope this gives you peace of mind when choosing us to provide your services as you are helping to reduce your own carbon footprint.  LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE….WHILE LOVING YOUR ENVIRONMENT!

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