If You Keep Making That Face It’s Going to Stay That Way!

Maddie Silly faceWhen we were kids and we crossed our eyes or made a funny face we are always told to be careful or our faces will stay that way.  Well, with 16 years of experience in skincare and 38 years of life I realized “they” aren’t that far off.  Making the same face of worry, happy, stress, angry, annoyed, or sexy faces repeatedly can leave marks on your face that, with age, take longer to reset.  As an example the older we get the longer sleep marks take to go away.  This happens as we age because our estrogen levels reduce. Estrogen is not only a female hormone, this effects men too!

Estrogen is a hormone that aides in the production of collagen and elastin, the scaffolding of our skin, affecting thickness, wrinkle formation and skin moisture.  During this hormone transition the skin may appear flushed, red and blotchy. Estrogens also have anti-inflammatory properties, so the loss of these hormones can lead to increased inflammation, which can worsen conditions like rosacea. As discussed, estrogens play a major role in the collagen and elastin network of the skin. Losing estrogen means the skin thins out, loses elasticity and sets the stage for wrinkle formation.

Have no fear we are here to unfreeze those expressions effects on your skin.  The solution is rather simple, consistent at home care with quality, high potency, organic products designed with plant estrogens that specifically target collagen and elastin production and preservation.  At home care can also, and is recommended, be combined with facial treatments in salon as there are other options available at the professional level to increase results.

Emollient rich creamy cleansers, exfoliation, and heavier moisturizers are appropriate to combat chronically dry skin. Despite the fact that women experience the most drastic skin changes, men also lose testosterone leading to the same dry skin condition, so the same protocol can be used for a male. 

The earlier you use proper skin care the better, but some other helpful tips are always valuable. A diet rich in healthy fats, like Omega-3s found in salmon and nuts, will help nourish skin from the inside.  Daily use of sun protection is a must in everyone’s skin care regimen. This is particularly important in aged skin, as it is thinner and allows even more penetration by damaging UV rays. 

While prevention is essential, proper care and quality skin care can reverse some of the negative effects of our environment and the silly faces we create in response.  So continue to live your life to the fullest and wear your happy smiles and sexy faces but be prepared to support the skin that shows your experiences.  ~ Amanda McGinnis – Elite Designer/Massage Therapist/Owner

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