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At Amanda’s we are always striving to be on top of current trends.  This means that times are changing quickly.  In order to meet those needs we have developed this new site.  We have worked long and hard to produce an informative website that explains the wide array of services that we have to offer.  We will be able to modify and edit the content on the web more frequently.  This will also allow us to post specials, discounts, coupons, events, and other opportunities that could potentially meet your needs. 

Some fun new things that have been added are a social stream which compiles all our social posts in one place so that you can enjoy even if you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, a direct connection to Aveda videos tips and tricks, and user friendly way to book your appointments 24 hours a day.  No matter how cool this new website is YOU make it a great day at Amanda’s.


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