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Mira Salon Spa and Lash studio offers guests friendly, compassionate care while keeping you and the planet in mind. Offering organic and farm to shower hair or skincare solutions that are cruelty free.  Carbon footprints are minimized by the utilization of Green Circle Salon Recycling program where 98% of salon service waste is recycled into new materials. Feel good about looking great at Mira!

Your look is part of your story

Salon Services

Salon Services

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A finished style that will be sure to turn heads. just be sure to let them know your secret when they stop you on the street!


Explore the potential of color when imagination and expertise come together.


For a bad hair day “pick-me-up”, to prepare for an important meeting or looking for a great style for an important night out, we can help.


A menu of services for Mira Salon Spa Lash Studio. We offer eyelash extensions, Brow Services, makeup application and more. 

Some Words About Us

The story of Mira Salon and Spa began in 2001, when Amanda enrolled in Pivot Point Academy, located in Bloomingdale. While attending the academy, Amanda acquired the skills necessary to meet her clients’ aesthetic needs while nurturing their physical and emotional well-being. In 2003, she opened Amanda’s Spa and Beauty Services, located on Peace Road. At the same time, she enrolled in the Northern Prairie College of Therapeutic Massage in Sycamore; therefore, rounding out her skills and expertise in serving her clients’ needs, head-to-toe.

In 2007, Amanda’s Spa moved to South 4th St in DeKalb and joined hands with Aveda, a company on the cutting edge of the natural science of beauty and well-being. This cooperation turned the salon into an Aveda Concept Spa and allows the spa to provide its clientele with the highest-quality products that combine environmental consciousness, social responsibility and pure botanical essence; formulas that are known as Purescriptions™.

In July 2017, Amanda’s Spa and Beauty moved to Hillcrest Drive and changed it operating name to Mira Salon and Spa.

The name change was integral to the continued development of the spa as the name encompasses all the things that we strive to empower in our guests.

This location change also brought about the addition of Davines and enhanced relationship with Eminence Organic Skin Care.  Both are B Company certified which is a measure of a company’s social and environmental performance against the standards in the online B Impact Assessment, a very high level of social responsibility for the planet and society.

Mira Salon and Spa promises to bring you both exceptional, personalized service and superior products. At Mira’s, you’ll find an environment that’s calm and tranquil. The spa’s relaxing energy fosters a sense of renewal and allows you to re-energize.  Amanda and her expertly trained staff are dedicated to providing you with an optimized experience, which comes from passion and attention to detail.

The spa is wheelchair accessible and all spa and salon services are available for those with special needs. Mira Salon and Spa is both delighted and equipped to cater to groups for any occasion. Appointments may be booked conveniently online or by phone, and walk-ins are always welcomed. Today’s the day to enjoy Mira’s Salon Spa!

Our Location:

Dekalb, IL

The Best Salon Spa Lash Studio In Dekalb IL

Mira is a feminine given name with varying meanings. In the Romance languages, it is related to the Latin words for “wonder” and “wonderful.”[1][2] In South Slavic languages, it means “peace” and is often used as part of a longer name, such as Miroslava (masculine form: Miroslav) or Sławomira (masculine form: Sławomir). In Albanian language, it means “goodness” or “kindness”. In Sanskrit, it means “ocean”, “sea”, “limit” or “boundary”[3] In Hebrew, it is a derivative of Miriam[4][5] or the female equivalent of Meir, meaning light.[6][7]

Some Videos About Us

Spa Services

Spa In DeKalb,IL

A Classic Spa

With A Modern Twist

At Mira’s, you’ll find an environment that’s calm and tranquil. The spa’s relaxing energy fosters a sense of renewal and allows you to re-energize.  Amanda and her expertly-trained staff are dedicated to providing you with an optimized experience, which comes from passion and attention to detail.

The spa is wheelchair accessible and all spa and salon services are available for those with special needs. Amanda’s Spa is both delighted and equipped to cater to groups for any occasion. Appointments may be booked conveniently online or by phone, and walk-ins are always welcomed. Today’s the day to visit Mira’s Salon Spa! 

World-Class Service, Every Time.

Meet The Team

The team at Mira believe education is key to providing exceptional results.  Our education is unprecedented with an average of 50 hours a year in salon education.

Styling DeKalb Since 2003

The Mira Salon Story

Mira Salon Spa & Lash Studio has 6 hair chairs, 2 handicap accessible shampoo bowls, 2 pedicure stations, 1 nail table, and 2 multipurpose treatment rooms. Located conveniently on the edge of a major retail artery Mira is easily accessible and provides plenty of private parking enhancing a relaxed and comfortable experience. Mira Salon and Spa was born out of an intensely passionate desire to bring together a team of passionate individuals who value the guest experience and family atmosphere. 



Elite Designer / Massage Therapist

Cosmetologist: Since 2001 

Licensed Massage Therapist: Since 2003  

Amanda is an artist, a teacher, and a nurturer.  She possesses a passion for achieving natural beauty, while guiding her clients through their own journey of empowerment.  Amanda’s vision, passion, and work ethic opened the door to great opportunities not just for herself but for her guests as well.  

Amanda works hard to create an upbeat and fun environment for both her guests and staff. She’s in tune with the latest styles and trends. She strives to be her best all day, every day, and revels in helping others succeed both personally and professionally. Amanda’s organic approach to hair and body care, while supplying her guests with fresh and edgy products, makes the salon a comfortable and relaxing place to be in. She always has a smile on her face and once she’s completed your service, you will too!!

Continuing Education

Hair | Aquage: 

Dry Cutting

Bridal & Updo Techniques
Certified Aquage Master Stylist  

Hair | Aveda: 

Color Wise Color Trainer
HeadMapping (Systematic highlighting techniques that reduce waste)
Full Spectrum Hair Color System (Regular Hair Color, Grays, and High Lift Blondes)
Full Spectrum Hair Color Solutions (Color Correction)
Full Spectrum Deep (High Lift Hair Color for Dark Hair)
Full Spectrum Advanced Hair Color
Full Spectrum Pure Foil (Highlighting Techniques)
Damage Remedy Hair & Scalp Renewal Systems & Solutions
Men’s Distribution of Weight
Men’s Curriculum Implementation Course
Spring/Summer In-Salon Color Coach Trends Collection Training
Let’s Talk About Aveda Hair Color Event
Performance Aveda Hair
Update for Certified Hair Color Trainers
Smooth Infusion Retexturizing 

Hair | Davines:

Beyond the Blowdry with Joseph DiMaggio
Flamboyage Color Technique
Natural Tech – solving the most common problems of scalp and hair
Essential Hair Care
More Inside – Styling line to shape your creative expression
Finest Pigments Direct Color Line
Circle Chronicles
Davines Color Code
Davines Color Tech
Century of Light 

Hair | EasiHair: 

Chemical Free Color Certification – Application, Removal and Reapplication

Sugaring | Alexandria:

Alexandria Advanced Sugaring Certification
Perfect Bikini
Perfect Brow
Retail Product Knowledge


Satin Smooth Speed Waxing 

Skincare | Eminence: 

Level Two Training
Advance Hungarian Facial Techniques 


Hot Stone Therapy
Cold Stone Massage for Migraine Therapy
Lymphatic Massage and Decongestive Therapy Wrapping
Precision Neuromuscular for Spine and Thorax
Massage Foundations
Chakra Massage
Thai Massage/Thai Yoga Bodywork
Aveda Stress Fix Massage
Aveda Elemental Nature Massage
Aveda Chakra Balancing Massage
Rotator Cuff Release Massage (RCR)
Deep Tissue Massage
Mercier Therapy – Woman’s Pelvic Pain and Massage for Infertility
Raindrop Therapy 


HeadMapping (Improving Highlighting Pricing for Clients by providing 8 partials highlight instead of one)
Aveda Business Forum
Business College: Benchmarking for Success
Spa Learning Retreat for Owners & Managers (Development of Value Menu)
Productivity Product Knowledge
Head Honchos – Walter Claudio
Inspired Coaching
An Evening with Dominique
Salon, Inc
First Impression
Top Gun Front Desk
Cash Flow Camp 



Salon/Spa Concierge

Concierge: Since March 2021

Team Member: Since 2021

Jamari has a passion for seeing the joy on guests faces after a service. One of her favorite traditions with her mom and sisters growing up, was their monthly trip to the salon. Always feeling so beautiful and confident when leaving. That turned into a passion for cosmetology. While Jamari is working towards her license in cosmetology, she started doing makeup on the side for her friends and family.  Jamari does professional photo shoots for various business and has been blessed by the exposure. She continues educating herself to keep her skills current and on trend.

Jamari will be at the salon assisting with organization, booking, and observing services for learning purposes! Also, every service comes with a free makeup service that Jamari will be preforming and educating guests. “Joining the Mira Salon and Spa team and working closely with Amanda gives me insight on real salon experiences and endears my entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone deserves to look and feel like the best version of themselves”. ~Jamari


Briannah Nitto

Briannah Nitto

Salon and Spa Concierge

Team Member: Since 2021

Briannah is attending the cosmetology program at Debutants in DeKalb with a plan to graduate by spring of next year.  She has bachlors in Phychology from Eastern Illinois but Briannah wanted more creative freedom. 

When not at work or school she loves to spend time with her little Lab/Pit mix puppy.  Briannah enjoys cooking and eating italian food. 

While she is new to the team she is a very valuable member to our salon family.  She is skilled in guest care with a professional attitude and kind demeanor.


Stephanie Hillegas

Stephanie Hillegas

Cosmetologist & Esthetician

Cosmetologist: Since 2014

Esthetician: Since 2021

Team Member:  Since March 2021

Stephanie was a motivated student and completed a high school vocational program in cosmetology at Debuatants in DeKalb to get college credit.  Her aunt was also a cosmetologist.  This aunt originally tought Stephanie how to cut and style hair.
Stephanie has a drive to learn everyday.  She strives to learn new techniques and skill sets from those around her.  LEARNING is what gets her up in the morning.  This includes learning about people and their lifestyles. This connection with guests makes every day a new experience.
Stephanie’s drive to learn about people and techniques are the reason that she fell in love with the skincare side of cosmetology.  She applied the techniques that she learned to the lifestyle of her guests to achieve results.
In her free time Stephanie paints on any medium.  Nature is her inspiration and surrealism, characterized by dream like visuals and the use of symbolism; is art that captures your imagination.  her next adventure is exploring digital art and clay sculpture.
“I would love to artistically create the image you envision for yourself.” ~ Stephanie
Alexandria Sugaring Certification
Tori Phillips

Tori Phillips

Salon and Spa Concierge

Team Member Since: 2019

Tori first became interested in this industry because her aunt does nails.  She always thought that it was amazing how something so simple could turn someones day around.  She grew up in Hinkley and has two sisters, a brother, and a dog.  Her mom and dad are always her greatest supporters.  Tori has always enjoyed doing her own nails and regularly ask for new supplies at christmas.   When she’s not at school or working, she love to hang out with her friends or make bracelets.

Tori is currently enrolled in a cosmetology program at Debutantes in DeKalb with a plan to graduate this September.  Working at Mira is giving her extra experience and allowing her to learn more about this industry.  “I am very excited to continue to learn and experiment in my journey throughout this career.”



Team Member Since:

Want to work for a company that values Honesty, Integrity, Learning, and Respect.  Apply today as we are always looking for the right canidate to join our team. 


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