Hair Removal

Waxing and Sugaring

Imagine not having to shave anymore! Waxing and sugaring are far superior methods of hair removal. Razors leave stubble that seems to appear overnight, and chemicals don’t penetrate deep enough to dissolve the hair completely, as well as possibly leaving burns and scarring. Both women and men benefit from our hair removal services.

At Mira’s, we ensure your privacy and treat you with respect and discretion. We also ask that you be freshly showered when you come in for your appointment, and refrain from using any creams, lotions or fragrance. These can interfere with the wax or sugar adhering to the hair. Not sure which hair removal method is best for you? Feel free to stop in or call for a consultation.   


Wax product comes in both a hard and a soft form. Wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, and then pulled against it. We use hard wax for eyebrows and the bikini area. We use soft wax for large areas such as the arms, legs and torso.


Eyebrow $15
Lip $15
Chin $15
Nose $15
Ear $15
Face $25
Neck $15
Arms $30
Underarms $25
Chest $45
Stomach $35
Partial Back $35
Full Back $55
Bikini Line $25
LA Strip $75
Brazilian $85
Glutes $45
Legs $50


Sugar product is a soft, sticky paste made from sugar, water and lemon juice, so it’s completely natural. We only use premium sugar paste from Alexandria Sugar. Sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth, and then pulled with it.

Eyebrow $20
Lip $15
Chin $15
Full Face $35
Underarms $25
Arms $45
Half Leg $58
Full Leg $85
Chest $45
LA Strip $40
Bikini Line $25
Brazilian $75
Stomach $40
Neck $25
Partial Back $53
Full Back $85

Sugaring Maintenance

**prices only apply if service is performed every 4 weeks, and booked before leaving**

Eyebrow $15
Arms $35
Half Leg $52
Full Leg $80
Chest $40
LA Strip $35
Bikini Line $20
Brazilian $55
Partial Back $48
Full Back $70

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"by Julie Smith Review for Amanda McGinnis Amanda is friendly, professional, and actually gives you an expert's opinion, and suggestions, when asked. She gave me a wonderful, fresh look with my hair cut & style. Mira Salon provides an environment that feels like home - comfortable and easy-going. I plan to go back to Amanda to follow through on her color suggestion, next. :)"

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